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Drama / Thriller (1974) 88 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Zeroka no onna: Akai wappa

Agent Zero (Miki Sugimoto) is a cop that uses her own methods for dealing with criminals. After she unlawfully kills a rapist in a violent fashion, she is sent to prison and stripped of her badge. But very soon after, a rich politician’s daughter is kidnapped by a ruthless gang. Agent Zero is let out of prison with the mission of going undercover to find the politician’s daughter and return her safely. Using her deadly red handcuffs, she disposes of the criminals one by one. Fast paced and highly entertaining, Zero Woman Red Handcuffs is a 70’s exploitation masterpiece.

Director: Yukio Noda

Writers: Fumio Kônami, Hirô Matsuda, and Tooru Shinohara

Stars: Miki Sugimoto, Eiji Gô and Tetsurô Tanba


Drama, Thriller