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Drama / Horror (1925) 68 minutes ~ Black & White


Dick Bannister, the foreman of the Ford Logging Co., sends for a doctor when several of his men are hurt in a fight with employees of a rival lumber company. Edith Ford, the owner of the company, comes to Bannister’s aid, bringing with her Dr. Horton, one of her ardent admirers; Edith and Dick soon fall in love. Dick is later injured, and Dr. Horton is forced to use the blood of a wolf in a transfusion for him. Dick is haunted by the fear that he is becoming half beast and attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. Edith saves him, he recovers, and they are married.

Director: George Chesebro, Bruce M. Mitchell

Writers: Bennett Cohen (story), Cliff Hill (story)

Stars: George Chesebro, Roy Watson, Milburn Morante


Drama, Horror