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Action / Western (1938) 54 minutes ~ Black & White


Lynne Reed, Jack Manning’s fiancée, is stagestruck and wants to go to New York for a career. She is encouraged in this delusion that she is a great actress by Barnes, who offers to buy her ranch, cheaply of course, so she can have enough money to get to the Big City. Barnes has Jack thrown into jail on a trumped-up charge of cattle rustling, and organizes a lynching party to get Jack permanently out of the way. Things get more complicated when Buzz, Jack’s pal, discovers the secret of Lynne’s ranch. How he engineers Jack’s escape, and how they save Lynne adds suspense to a surprise climax.

Director: J.P. McGowan

Writers: Stanley Roberts (original story and screenplay), Gennaro Rea (screenplay) <

Stars: Addison Randall, Fuzzy Knight, Luana Walters


Action, Westerns