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Drama / Action (1960) 92 minutes

Under Ten Flags is a fact-based British maritime epic set during World War II. Allied ships are being victimized by a German surface raider, which sails under friendly flags until moving in for the kill. Since so many nationalities were involved in making this film (both before and behind the cameras), it is difficult at times to determine whose side one is supposed to be on. On screen, the Germans seem the cleverest and most resourceful of all the combatants; at times, one hopes that they’ll get away with their high-seas perfidy–especially since the captain is played by charismatic American actor Van Heflin.

Director: Duilio Coletti

Writers: Bernhard Rogge (diaries), Vittoriano Petrilli (screenplay)

Stars: Van Heflin, Charles Laughton, Mylène Demongeot


Action, Drama