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Cartoons (1929-1933) 96 minutes ~ Black & White


Warner Brothers’ very first–and most musical–cartoon star, Bosko! Created by Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising, Bosko made his debut in 1929 and retired from Warner Brothers in the summer of ’33. These peppy musical shorts were also the first cartoons distributed by the legendary Leon Schlesinger. Animation fans can rejoice, Bosko lives on in the first of two DVD compilations mastered from the finest materials available. Long Live, Bosko!

This DVD includes:

1. Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid 2. Congo Jazz 3. Big Man from the North 4. Ups ‘N Downs 5. Yodeling Yokels 6. The Tree’s Knees 7. Bosko the Doughboy 8. Bosko’s Fox Hunt 9. Battling Bosko 10. Sinking in the Bathtub 11. Hold Anything 12. Box Car Blues 13. Ain’t Nature Grand 14. Dumb Patrol Director: Hugh Harman, Rudolf Ising Stars: Bosko