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Action / Western (1955) 71 minutes ~ Black & White

Cattle ranchers “Chalk” Reynolds and Walt Payne have driven most of the small ranchers from the government range in the Ruby Hills country, and are fighting between them to get sole control. Reynold’s chief gunman is Frank Emmett and Payne’s hired gun is Jack Voyle, and both are described as ruthless killers. Into the valley rides Ross Haney who has just bought the water rights to the range, a legal step that Reynolds and Payne over-looked. Haney soon learns that a third faction is also out to control the valley; the Double V Ranch, owned by Robert Vernon and his sister Sherry. The latter falls in love with Haney, and is by his side when he is engaged in a showdown with all the other factions.

Director: Frank McDonald

Writers: Tom Hubbard (screenplay), Fred Eggers (screenplay)

Stars: Zachary Scott, Carole Mathews, Barton MacLane


Action, Westerns