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Watch Toofani Tarzan Full Movie Online Free

Watch Toofani Tarzan Full Movie Online Free

Foreign / Drama / Action (1936) 120 minutes ~ Black & White

Ramu, a scientist, lives with his wife Uma (Nazira) and their little son Leher in a jungle. He has just discovered the “nectar of immortality” when his compound is attacked by rogue lions. Ramu tucks the formula into a locket which he puts around Leher’s neck and they try to escape. Ramu is killed, and Uma loses both her son and her sanity when Dada—Leher’s apelike friend—hops aboard a hot air balloon with Leher and a cute puppy (that he’s also rescued from the lions, thank goodness) and they soar away. Dada is a fantastic half-ape half-man creature, who speaks only in grunts and largely resembles a golliwog. He and Leher and Moti the puppy sail along happily for a while, then crash during a thunderstorm through the thick canopy of trees covering the jungle. Cut to fifteen years later, and Ramu’s father, a professor, has come to Vanrajpur (a town on the edge of the jungle) with his adopted daughter Leela (Gulshan) to search for his grandson. Leela believes that the jungle man called Tarzan may be Ramu’s son Leher. They are joined on their quest by a pith-helmeted guy named Bihari whose ulterior motives include finding the legendary nectar of immortality and romancing Leela.

Director: Homi Wadia

Stars: John Cawas, Gulshan, Boman Shroff and Chandrashekhar