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Western (1926) 122 minutes ~ Black & White

In the 1870’s when the lands of the Dakota Indians are finally opened to settlers and prospectors, three outlaws–Mike Costigan, Bull Stanley, and Spade Allen–wanted from Mexico to Canada, join the rush. Though they are horsethieves, they decide not to rob Lee Carlton, a southern girl, of her thoroughbreds when her father’s wagon is attacked and he is killed by a rival gang. The trio band together to protect the girl and her sweetheart, Dan O’Malley. They guard the trail up a mountain as Lee and Dan are pursued by the gang of Layne Hunter, a crooked sheriff, to stake out a valuable claim. One by one the three men are dropped by the villain’s gunman, though Hunter is himself killed in the gunplay.

 Director: John Ford

Writers: Herman Whitaker (suggested by the novel: “Over the Border”), John Stone (adaptation)

Stars: George O’Brien, Olive Borden, Lou Tellegen