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Drama / Foreign (1964) 110 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: La calda vita

Catherine Spaak (Il Sorpasso/The Easy Life, Le Treu/The Night Watch) stars as a young woman who is convinced to vacation on a tropical island with a couple of young and eager men (Jacques Perrin and Fabrizio Capuci). While she enjoys her time in paradise, they each attempt to win her affection. Unable to decide between them, she eventually chooses an older fellow (Gabrele Ferzetti). Tragedy soon follows, prompting the young woman to go off on her own. Spaak sings Non e M’eute during titles as the talented and prolific Carlo Rustichelli provides the film’s score.

Director: Florestano Vancini

Writers: Marcello Fondato

Stars: Catherine Spaak, Fabrizio Capucci and Jacques Perrin


Drama, Foreign