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Documentary / Short (1975) 29 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Debrief: Apollo 8

Time has shown the march of scientific progress as humans slowly reached through new barriers and even greater heights to understand the world around them. The footsteps of progress down time’s corridor quickened as people reached outside the world they had come to understand to a new horizon – space. “Time of Apollo,” is a look back at 1968 through the eyes of 1975 in an effort to prove the success of the space program. It highlights such momentous occasions as President Kennedy’s impassioned speech to reach the moon, Apollo 8’s history making flight, manned by James Lovell, Frank Borman, and William Anders, and their accompanying live broadcast on Christmas Eve. Apollo 8’s historic mission would pave the way for Apollo 11, the first mission where man walked on the moon; another barrier broken in the name of science and exploration.

Director: Bastian Wimmer and Lynn Lucius Moore

Writer: Clayton Edwards and Gordon Auchincloss

Narrator: Burgess Meredith


Documentary, Short