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Comedy (1926) 75 minutes ~ Black & White


A meek Belgian soldier (Harry Langdon), fighting in World War I receives penpal letters, and a photo from “Mary Brown”, an American girl he has never met. He becomes infatuated with her by long distance. After the war, the young Belgian journeys to America as assistant to a theatrical “strong man”, Zandow the Great (Arthur Thalasso). While in America, he searches for Mary Brown… and he finds her, just as word comes that Zandow, is incapacitated, and the little nebbish must go on stage in his place.

Director: Frank Capra

Writers: Hal Conklin (story), Robert Eddy (adapted by), Tay Garnett, Reed Heustis (titles by) and Arthur Ripley (adapted by)

Stars: Harry Langdon, Priscilla Bonner, Gertrude Astor