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Martial Arts / Documentary (1987) 82 minutes ~ Color


Documentary, featuring scenes of hand-to-hand, and combat with weapons. A simply awesome documentary featuring some of the finest displays of Chinese Martial Arts ever captured on film. Although there is not much footage of Jet Li there are many performances from some of China’s finest martial artists including: Yu Shao Wen: who performs an exellent Chang style (Chang Quan) Routine. Wang Jien Jun: another awesome martial artist like Jet Li, he performs an exellent Staff Routine and a simulated combat sparring set. Zhao Chang Jun: Awesome Ditang (Ground Tumbling) Routine. Hao Zhi Hua: China’s queen of Kung Fu performing Broadsword and a sparring set. Li Zhi Zhou: One of my personal favourites performing the best Drunken Sword you will ever see.

Director: Chia Hui Liu-Zhong Yi

Stars: Hao Zhi Hua, Jet Li, Jing Jun Wang, Yu Shao Wen, Zhao Chang Jun, Li Zhi Zhou