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Horror / Drama (1973) 89 minutes ~ Color


Six men set out on a trip to a desolate mine to strike it rich. A cave-in traps the men for several weeks. To avoid starving to death after their food and water supply is gone, they decide to resort to cannibalism. Ted, the unfortunate one who drew the shortest straw, has his arm cut off to feed the group. Just as his arm is severed, a rescue party arrives. Then men claim that they severed their friend’s arm in order to save his life from an injury to his arm sustained in the cave-in. Flash forward several years later. Each of the men, who have gone on to have successful lives while Ted ends up in an institution, are stalked by a mysterious figure. One of them receives a package in the mail carrying a severed arm. One of them has his arm chopped off. Another is killed while on the air when he is DJ-ing a radio show. Although it may seem logical to the others involved to track their friend who lost his arm during the terrible mining ordeal, all may not be what it seems.

Director: Thomas S. Alderman

Writers: Thomas S. Alderman, Larry Alexander, Kelly Estill, Darrel Presnell and Marc B. Ray

Stars: Deborah Walley, Paul Carr and David G. Cannon


Drama, Horror