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Drama / Silent  (1921)  63 minutes ~ Black & White

Nels Nelson, a cruel and embittered captain of a whaling vessel, who was deserted by his wife 20 years earlier, sails to San Francisco, where he takes aboard young Tom Walton, a spendthrift rejected by his guardian. A shortage of water develops, and Nelson is overpowered by a mutiny. Tom, sent ashore, discovers two castaways–an old man and a beautiful young girl–and he brings them aboard. Nelson, who sees in the girl proof of his wife’s unfaithfulness, torments and humiliates her at every opportunity. Tom takes her away in a small boat, and alarmed by storm clouds, Nelson puts out to sea. During the storm, Nelson discovers in the girl’s Bible a record of his wife’s blameless life, and learning that she is his own daughter he returns to rescue her.

Director: Rowland V. Lee

Writers: Emilie Johnson (story), Joseph F. Poland

Stars: Hobart Bosworth, Emory Johnson, Bessie Love


Drama, Silent/Classics