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Drama (1970) 93 minutes ~ Color

Suburban residents Arthur and Gerrie Mason are shocked to discover their daughter Maxie hallucinating under the influence of LSD. Accusing his musician son Artie of supplying her with drugs, Mason demands that he leave home. Mason then seeks advice from his next door neighbor, high school principal David Hoffman. Hoffman, the father of model son Sandy, advises Mason to get to know his daughter better. The Masons try family therapy, which fails abysmally. During a party Maxie takes STP and is disabled. When Hoffman discovers that Sandy has been Maxie Mason’s supplier, he calls the police. Although charges are brought against Sandy, they are dropped because of a technicality. At the hospital where Maxie is being treated, Gerrie becomes infuriated by her daughter’s recalcitrance and slaps the adolescent repeatedly, eliciting a positive reaction.

Director: David Greene

Writers: J.P. Miller (screenplay and television play)

Stars: Eli Wallach, Julie Harris and Deborah Winters