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Comedy (1937) 105 minutes ~ Black & White



Three narrators (French writer Jean Martin, an English royal equerry, and a papal chamberlain) tell the story of seven matched pearls, four of them now in the British Crown. Episodes whirl us from Pope Clement VII to Mary Queen of Scots, from whom the pearls are stolen while she’s occupied with the headsman. Historic events are seasoned with sly, satiric humor, and famous beauties are portrayed by stunning actresses. Then the narrators meet, and decide to try tracing the three unrecovered pearls from 1587 to the present…

Director: Sacha Guitry

Writers: Sacha Guitry (screenplay) (as L’Auteur) , Christian-Jaque (screenplay)

Stars: Jacqueline Delubac, Sacha Guitry, Lyn Harding


Comedy, Foreign