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Action / Drama / Western (1952) 113 minutes ~ Black & White


When he sustains a rodeo injury, star rider Jeff McCloud returns to his hometown after many years of absence. He signs on as a hired hand with a local ranch, where he befriends fellow ranch hand Wes and his wife Louise. Wes has big dreams of owning his own little farm, and rodeo winnings could help finance it. Wes convinces Jeff to coach him in the rodeo ways, but Louise has her doubts. She doesn’t want her man to end up a broken down rodeo bum like Jeff McCloud. Despite Louise’s concern, the threesome hit the road in their Woody, chucking a secure present for an unknown future.

Director: Nicholas Ray

Writers: David Dortort, Horace McCoy

Stars: Susan Hayward, Robert Mitchum, Arthur Kennedy


Action, Drama, Westerns