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The Lovers

Drama (1958) 90 minutes ~ Black & White



The bored and empty upper-class Jeanne Tournier lives in a manor with many servants in the countryside of Dijon with her husband Henri Tournier and their daughter Catherine. Henri is the editor of The Burgundy Monitor and has been married to Jeanne for eight years, but he does pay attention to his wife. Jeanne travels frequently to the house of her childhood friend Maggy Thiebaut-Leroy in Paris to meet her lover, the famous polo player Raoul Flores. One day, Henri suspects of the frequent trips of Jeanne to Paris and invites Maggy and Raoul Flores to have dinner and spend the weekend in his mansion. While driving back home from Paris, Jeanne car breaks down and the archaeologist Bernard Dubois-Lambert who is going to Montbard to visit a professor, gives a ride to Jeanne. Henri invites Bernard to stay with them.

Director: Louis Malle

Writers: Louise de Vilmorin (dialogue)

Stars: Jeanne Moreau, Alain Cuny, Jean-Marc Bory