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Western (1917) 56 minutes ~ Black & White

Until he met Texas Ryan, the Eastern-bred daughter of rugged cattle king William Ryan, Jack Parker was just a straight-shooting, hard-riding cowboy. Hoping to see Texas again, Parker accepts a job on the Ryan ranch. While there, he succeeds in upsetting the designs of Mexican bandit Antonio Moreno to kidnap Texas, and foils the plans of Dice McAllister, Moreno’s accomplice, to steal Ryan’s herds. The distance between a cowboy and that of a wealthy rancher’s daughter finally proves too great for Parker, however, who leaves for Mexico. A few days later, Texas learns that Parker is being held prisoner by Moreno. Enlisting the aid of the U.S. Cavalry, Texas arrives just in time to free Parker and award him the heart of Texas Ryan.

Director: E.A. Martin

Writers: Gilson Willets (scenario)

Stars: George Fawcett, Bessie Eyton, Frank Campeau