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Comedy / Drama (1960) 98 minutes ~ Color


This is a deft satire by Axel von Ambesser that undercuts the adage that a soldier must always obey orders, no matter what. At the heart of the story is Schwejk (Heinz Ruhmann), a canine salesman who is drafted into the army during World War I. The setting is Bohemia when it was under the sway of a combined Austro-Hungarian rule. Once Schwejk has his uniform on he so devotedly follows the very letter of the law, every order that is given him, that he comes off as a total idiot. Nevertheless, he manages quite well with this tactic, whether it is feigned or not.

Director: Axel von Ambesser

Writers: Jaroslav Hasek (novel), Hans Jacoby

Stars: Heinz Rühmann, Ernst Stankovski, Franz Muxeneder


Comedy, Drama