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 Action (1974) 86 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Chokugeki jigoku-ken: Dai-gyakuten


Sonny Chiba returns as Ryuichi Koga, a gruff ninjitsu expert with a direct martial lineage to the Koga ninja clan, who is hired once again by a secret government agency represented by Arashiyama (Ryo Ikebe) and his attractive associate Emi (Yutaka Nakajima). Ryuichi is teamed up with his old partners, professional hitman Takeshi Hayabusa (Makoto Sato) and the crazed logistics expert Ichiro Sakura (Eiji Go). Their mission is to return the kidnapped daughter of Sabine, a wealthy wheelchair-bound dignitary and her stolen pendent that’s worth millions. They succeed in getting her daughter back after a daring confrontation with Japanese associates of the Chicago mafia, but fail to retrieve the pendent. After Sabine pays a ransom to have the pendent returned, it turns out to be a fake and Ryuichi leads his team in infiltrating the mob’s high-rise headquarters to steal the pendent back.
Director: Teruo Ishii

Writers: Shinichi Hashimoto, Teruo Ishii

Stars: Shin’ichi Chiba, Eiji Gô, Yutaka Nakajima