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Western / Comedy / Drama (1938) 91 minutes ~ Black & White

Poor Mary Smith can’t go night-clubbing or have any other fun because any hint of scandal could damage her father’s political career. She decides to rebel and convinces her two maids to let her go along with them on a blind date with some rodeo performers. She tells her date; Stretch; that she’s a parlor maid and that she left home because her father beat her. The two fall in love and elope. Now Mary has a double dilemma: continuing her charade with Stretch and keeping her marriage a secret from her father.

Director: H.C. Potter

Writers: Leo McCarey (story), Frank R. Adams (story), S.N. Behrman (screenplay) and Sonya Levien (screenplay)

Stars: Gary Cooper, Merle Oberon and Patsy Kelly


Comedy, Drama, Westerns