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Drama (1921) 89 minutes ~ Black & White

Monsieur Grandet, the wealthiest man in his province, forces his wife and daughter, Eugénie, to submit to the regime of mean poverty. Because of her wealth, Eugénie attracts aspiring suitors Cruchot de Bonfons, a minor magistrate, and Alphonse des Grassins, son of a local banker. Grandet’s nephew Charles, a wealthy young dandy, arrives from Paris with news of his father’s suicide and falls in love with Eugénie, with whom he exchanges vows before leaving for Martinique to repair his fortune. Père Grandet intercepts their letters and locks up Eugénie after learning that she has lent Charles money for his voyage. His mind affected by the death of his wife, Grandet is trapped while contemplating his money and in his efforts to escape is killed by a chest of gold. Eugénie is about to sign a marriage contract with Cruchot when Charles arrives to claim her.

Director: Rex Ingram

Writers: June Mathis, Honoré de Balzac (story)

Stars: Alice Terry, Rudolph Valentino, Ralph Lewis