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Western (1957) 66 minutes ~ Black & White

Dr. Bruce Merritt is enticed to Bitter Water by ‘Doc’ Medley, a phony poker swindler, who persuades Merritt to pay him $250 for the use of his ‘medical practice.’ Doc’s daughter Angela vows to pay back Merritt’s money. She gambles and loses to her ex-lover Slinger. They fight when she discovers the deck is marked. Merritt arrives and mistakes the meaning of her torn clothing. Disgraced, Angela leaves town with Slinger who, showing his appreciation, immediately holds up a bank and wounds Angela in the process. Merritt, learning that he had been mistaken about Angela, sends a messenger after Angela but Slinger shoots him.

Director: Carl K. Hittleman

Writers: David Lang (screenplay), Carl K. Hittleman (screenplay)

Stars: Patricia Medina, Richard Denning, Gerald Mohr