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Comedy / TV Series / Family  (1952-1966)  105 minutes ~ Black & White

These four hilarious episodes about “America’s Favorite Family” span 14 years of our national fascination with the Nelsons – a reminder of all the gentle humor and whacky situations that centered around their home, their neighborhood and favorite malt shop.

Episode 1: Ozzie mistakenly believes that Dave is in serious financial trouble and wonders why he seems so unconcerned.

Episode 2: A matchmaking dinner cooked up by Rick and Kris to get Wally and Ginger back together backfires when Wally shows up with another girl.

Episode 3: Ozzie reluctantly starts a journal of his daily activities just to please news-starved Harriet.

Episode 4: The neighborhood kids entrust their prized collection of pennies to Ozzie, who then loses them in a poker game. Billy Mumy guest stars.

Director:  Ozzie Nelson

Stars:  Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Hilliard Nelson, David Nelson, Ricky Nelson


Comedy, Family, TV Series