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Western / Adventure / TV Series  (1956-1958)  228 minutes ~ Black & White

This is a television series that knows no rival. It is based on a novel by Monte Barrett titled the “Tempered Blade”, a fact mixed with fiction account of the life of Jim Bowie

Against the backdrop of 1830’s French-American New Orleans and backwoods Louisiana Territory, Scott Forbes stars as wealthy young planter, Jim Bowie. Wielding a knife instead of a gun, Bowie forges the frontier, diligently pursues lawbreakers and battles social injustice. In this series, rugged adventurer, Jim Bowie crosses paths with such famous (and infamous) historical figures as Pirate and Privateer “Jean Lafitte” bandit “John Murrell” seventh US President “Andrew Jackson” Frontiersman and politician “Davy Crockett” Pioneer and Conservationist “Johnny Appleseed” and many more!

Directors:  Lewis R. Foster, George Archainbaud, Anton Leader, Christian Nyby, Hollingsworth Morse, Arthur Ripley

Writers:  Monte Barrett (novel), Various

Stars:  Scott Forbes, William Schallert, John Laing