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Watch T.N.T. Jackson Full Movie Online Free

Watch T.N.T. Jackson Full Movie Online Free

Action (1974) 70 minutes ~ Color

Alternate Title: Dynamite Wong and TNT Jackson


Playboy Playmate Jeanne Bell stars as T.N.T. Jackson (“…she’ll put you in trAction!”) in this popular blaxploitation film from Filipino director Cirio H. Santiago. Jackson Leaves Harlem for Hong Kong to find her missing brother, who has run afoul of the mob. Predictably, she must pose as a prostitute in order to find him, as well as engaging in topless karate. Santiago and his New World Pictures boss, Roger Corman, were so pleased with the film’s success that they essentially remade it twice more, as Firecracker in 1984 and as Angelfist in 1992.

Director: Cirio H. Santiago

Writers: Dick Miller, Ken Metcalfe

Stars: Jeannie Bell, Chiquito, Stan Shaw, Max Alvarado