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Drama (1928) 102 minutes ~ Black & White


In Naples, where prostitutes can pay their rent, Angela is sentenced to a year in the workhouse when she tries to steal (while streetwalking), to pay for medicine for her dying mother. She escapes, and is hidden by a circus, where she’s a natural talent, and meets Gino, a painter. When she breaks her ankle in a fall, her career ends. What can she and Gino do? He wants to go to Naples, but the law may still be looking for her, and Gino doesn’t know about her past. Starving artist, and a beauty with a secret: is there room in this world for them?

Director: Frank Borzage

Writers: H.H. Caldwell (titles), Katherine Hilliker (titles), Monckton Hoffe (novel), Philip Klein (adaptation), Marion Orth (writer) and Henry Roberts Symonds (adaptation)

Stars: Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Alberto Rabagliati