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Drama (1965) 96 minutes ~ Color

Jilted by her lover, prostitute Harumi (Yumiko Nogawa) volunteers to be a ‘comfort worker’ servicing Japanese soldiers on the Chinese front. She finds the job brutalizing, and especially hates the offensively cruel commander Narita (Isao Tamagawa). Harumi at first seduces Narita’s adjutant Shinkichi Mikami (Tamio Kawachi) for revenge, but falls in deeply in love with the troubled soldier and they become a fated couple. Harumi is already living on the edge of existence, and the disaffected Mikami takes terrible punishments from his superiors as a kind of perverse atonement.

Director: Seijun Suzuki

Writers: Hajime Takaiwa, Taijirô Tamura

Stars: Tamio Kawaji, Yumiko Nogawa, Isao Tamagawa