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Action / Adventure / Musical (1938) 58 minutes ~ Black & White

Texas Ranger Tex Newman, and his sidekicks Pee Wee and Ananias, are in Mexico, and come along just as the Governor’s daughter, Maria, is the victim of a stagecoach robbery. A U. S.government agent, Deputy Marshal Tom Carr, on his way to the Ranger post to solve the problem of marauding Indians who are raiding ranchers on the Texas side of the border, has been kidnapped from the stage. Gang-leader Kildare kills Carr and takes his place. When Tex learns that the Indians are really a gang of white men, disguised as Indians, led by Kildare. The latter, posing as Carr, blames Tex for the crimes. With Pee Wee and Ananias about to be shot by the Mexican authorities, and Tex under arrest, things look bad, but Maria races with death to establish their innocence.

Director: Albert Herman

Writers: Harry MacPherson (idea), John Rathmell (screenplay)

Stars: Tex Ritter, Salvatore Damino, Carmen Laroux


Action, Adventure, Musical