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Horror / Documentary (1969) 86 minutes ~ Color

An up-close look at Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey and the satanic shenanigans filmed inside his infamous San Francisco “Black House” back in 1969, “Satanis, the Devil’s Mass” (86 minutes) is a wonderfully oddball documentary inside one of America’s darkest pop-culture curiosities. Along with nude women decorating the altar to a man dressed as a bishop who gets his fanny whipped before climbing in a coffin, you’re treated to interviews with LaVey (wearing silly little devil horns) and his flock along with various startled neighbors! Plus, after murdering her parents and setting the family home on fire, Cynthia Kyle becomes “Sinthia, the Devil’s Doll” (77 minutes) when Lucifer forces her to wander through a psychedelic world of dreams in this ultra-bizarre mix of skin, daddy-lust and art-film exploitation from cult fave Ray Dennis Steckler. Remember, “If you’re gonna b ea sinner, be the best sinner on the block!”

Director: Ray Laurent

Stars: Isaac Bonewits, Anton LaVey, Diane LaVey



Documentary, Horror