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Drama / Musical (1950) 65 minutes ~ Black & White



 After losing their jobs as performers in a Havana nightclub, Hildita and Maria meet Joe Thomas, a sailor. Joe offers to teach Hildita some new dance steps, and a crowd gathers to watch as they dance in the street. Among the crowd is Señor Valdez, a wealthy playboy, who throws them some money. Joe jumps ship to form a dance team with Hildita, and they are booked into a nightclub owned by Valdez. Joe falls in love with Hildita and becomes jealous of Valdez’s attentions to her. After a quarrel with Hildita, Joe goes to the casino and, in an attempt to compete with Valdez, gambles away all his money, as well as some money he was holding for Hildita and Maria. When Valdez learns that Joe has jumped ship, he plans to eliminate his rival by having Joe arrested. Joe decides to surrender on his own, but offers to create a new dance routine and stay with the act long enough to pay back the women’s money. During rehearsals, Hildita falls in love Joe, and Maria persuades Valdez to use his influence to clear up Joe’s legal problems. Valdez then gives Hildita and Joe a job in his most elegant nightclub, and their new dance routine is a huge success.

 Director: Marion Gering

Writers: Jay Victor (screen treatment and screenplay)

Stars: Michael Whalen, Doris Dowling, Tommy Wonder


Drama, Musical