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Action / Thriller (1935) 57 minutes ~ Black & White


Young David Morton, heir to millions, has been over-zealously restrained from normal youthful activities by his two old-maid Aunts, Harriet and Agatha. In an outburst from his confinement, he meets lovely Gertrude, and promises to race her injured-brothers car in the Big Race. Between the gangsters trying to win the race by disabling him, and his bungling bodyguards trying to bring him home safely, David has a battle to win the race and Gertrude’s heart. He succeeds in winning the race, capturing the gangsters and gets his aunt’s understanding release.

Directors: Ray Nazarro, Charles E. Roberts

Writers: David Sharpe (story), Charles E. Roberts (adaptation)

Stars: David Sharpe, Gertrude Messinger, Mary Kornman