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Northwest Passage-Vol-2

Action / TV Series (1958) 105 minutes ~ Color


Major Rogers’s Rangers vainly search for the mythical river passage across the country, battling with Indians or Frenchmen luckless enough to cross their paths. Largely based on the 1940 movie, Keith Larsen replaces Spencer Tracy, Buddy Ebsen plays Walter Brennan’s part, and Don Burnett steps in for Robert Young (who was busy on another soundstage in FATHER KNOWS BEST). This DVD contains: The Assassin: Ordered by the French Command to kill Major Rogers, Captain Jacque Chavez lures him into a deadly trap in British-occupied Quebec, using a kidnapped high-ranking English officer as bait. Vengeance Trail: Rogers Rangers struggle to keep the peace when a vengeance-driven bounty hunter attempts to draw a peaceful Mohican tribe into the ongoing war between the French forces and the British troops stationed near Fort Crown Point. The Witch: Wounded in an ambush, Rogers is taken in and cared for by a white woman schooled in ancient Indian medicine. Her neighbors have branded her a witch. As Hunk and Langdon search for their missing leader, Rogers is powerless to stop the village from hanging his savior for witchcraft. Stab in the Back: The Rangers race to unmask French saboteurs who have infiltrated Fort Crown Point determined to kill an envoy from the King of England.

Director: Jacques Tourneur, Thomas Carr & Alan Crossland Jr.

Writer: Kenneth Roberts

Stars: Keith Larsen, Buddy Ebsen & Don Burnett


Action, TV Series