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Western / Action / Drama (1956) 80 Minutes ~ Color


Reckless painter Jonathan Adams, is sent into Indian country where he finds love, and danger, among a warrior tribe. When he falls for Onida, a native Iroquois girl, Adams makes two deadly enemies – his spurned fiancée Greta (Allison Hayes), and the squaw’s jealous lover. The tension between the white settlers and the natives, explodes into war, when a greedy landowner kills a Mohawk brave in cold blood. Torn between his love for Onida, and his patriotic duty, Jonathan must battle both bloodthirsty natives, and corrupt ranchers, in his pursuit of justice.

Director: Kurt Neumann

Writers: Maurice Geraghty (story) and Milton Krims (story)

Stars: Scott Brady, Rita Gam, Neville Brand, Lori Nelson


Action, Drama, Westerns