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Martial Arts (2007) 50 minutes ~ Color


 Ooh-rah! Bill and Jason sign up for a little rough-and-tumble with the leathernecks at Quantico, Virginia and learn how hand-to-hand is being applied on the battlefield today.

The motto of this highly practical, and deadly, system is “One Mind, Any Weapon.” Jason and Bill have only a week to learn enough not to get killed. An exciting new series explores the origins and teachings of the world’s martial arts.Despite its emphasis on hand-to-hand combat, in many ways martial arts are about how not to fight. This is one of the first lessons hosts and seasoned fighters Jason Chambers and Bill Duff learn on their globe-spanning quest to discover the traditions and techniques of the world’s fighting styles. Learn with them as they seek out Masters of ancient and modern disciplines in the lands where they were created. Discover the cultures that gave rise to distinct martial arts. Witness as Jason and Bill challenge a champion – a true HUMAN WEAPON – after only a week of instruction!“Semper fu!” Duff and Chambers report to Marine Corps Base Quantico to get a painful lesson in the hand-to-hand style that has helped spawn the Marines’ widely feared reputation. They shoot, clash, and kick their way through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, an amalgam of the most effective fighting techniques from martial arts around the world.

During their instruction – the most demanding yet! – we learn some amazing history about the Marine Corps in hand-to-hand combat during WWII in France and the Pacific. And we hear firsthand how Marines are putting their combat skills to the test in Afghanistan and Iraq. And when all the talk and training is over, will our hosts have the guts to face off in combat against a battle-hardened Marine?



Martial Arts