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TV Series (1951) 90 minutes ~ Black & White


Lights Out was an early television series based on eerie dramatizations of the radio broadcasts of the 1930s. The broadcasts made writer and director Arch Oboler a household name synonymous with the macabre. It was brought to network television between 1949 and 1952. A precursor to shows like The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Lights Out is a chilling remnant of old-fashioned ghost story-telling.

“I Spy”: A survey taker makes a startling discovery when she visits the home of two very paranoid, eccentric, elderly collectors of odds and ends.

The Mad Dullaghan: A man finds his missing fiancé in a mental hospital. She believes she’s possessed a Dullaghan, a spirit of Irish folklore that jumped to her from her late father when she kissed him farewell at his funeral. The finance investigates and learns that her parent had been a famous ventriloquist and his dummy was named Mr. Dullagham.

The Pattern: Al March is tortured by his failure to have stopped the bombing of an Army barracks in 1945 Germany. Awaiting surgery, he tells his sister that the two men and a woman he killed the night before were the same ones who had planted the explosives. Even though they had died in the blast, they had been chasing him for the past six years because he lived and they didn’t.

The Silent Supper: Dede attends the silent supper, a ritual the single Bayou women conduct to foresee their future husbands. Old voodoo woman Miss Watkins had told Dede that she’d meet her husband at the supper that night. Miss Watkins has the misfortune of meeting up with troublemaker Jean Duval, who stabs her and steals her silver. Then, uninvited, he crashes the silent supper.

Directors: Gerry Morrison, Herbert B. Swope Jr., William Corrigan,

Writers: Gerry Morrison, Bruce Brighton, Aaron Weingarten, Ira Levin

Stars: Henry Hull, Dorothy Stickney, Alfreda Wallace, Glenn Langan, Stella Andrew, Berry Kroeger, John Forsythe, June Dayton, Richard Sanders, Vanessa Brown, Paul Valentine, Andrew Duggan









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