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Comedy  (1942)  105 minutes ~ Black & White


The community of a small British town unite, in opposition to their local government authority, to keep open their town music hall, against the competing interests of a museum body and a plastics manufacturing firm. A traveling musical troupe headed by Timmy Tiverton (Edward Rigby) and Hope Ollerton (Patricia Roc) team up with a European piano professor (an early appearance from Alastair Sim) who is on the run from the immigration authorities. Together they influence the local magistrate – a local wealthy landowner (Fred Emney) to press their case for allowing the town to retain the music license of the hall thereby providing a venue for future musical performances.

Director:  John Baxter

Writers:  John Baxter, Barbara K. Emary (as Barbara K. Emery), Jeffrey Orme, J.B. Priestley (novel)

Stars:  Alastair Sim, Fred Emney, Edward Rigby