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Drama (1940) 70 minutes ~ Black & White

1940’s Laddie was the third cinemadaptation of the heartwarming story by Gene Stratton-Porter (the second version, filmed in 1935, was directed by no less than George Stevens). Tim Holt plays the title character, a good-natured Indiana farmer who falls in love with immigrant English girl Pamela (Virginia Gilmore). Though Pamela’s irascible father (Miles Mander) intensely dislikes Laddie and his parents, hero and heroine manage to keep romance alive with the help of Laddie’s hero-worshipping kid sister (Joan Carroll). Featured in the cast is 16-year-old Joan Brodel, who shortly afterward achieved stardom under the stage name of Joan Leslie. Even further down the cast list is an angular young British actor named Peter Cushing!

Director: Jack Hively

Writers: Gene Stratton-Porter (novel), Jerome Cady

Stars: Tim Holt, Virginia Gilmore, Joan Carroll