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Action / Drama / Thriller (1979) 91 minutes ~ Color



Mauna Loa (Ed Parker) is a hired, usually deadly assassin. His assignment: kill all the witnesses scheduled to testify before a U.S. Senate Subcommittee. Trying to stop him is Bong Soo Han, portraying LAPD Police Captain Han. The conflict becomes personal as well as professional… the policeman is
married to the killer’s ex-girlfriend. What unfolds us a death match to the brutal end!

Martial arts enthusiasts will see the fluid resistance and bone-crushing offenses of Ed Parker’s innovative Kenpo pitted against Master Bon Soo Han’s world-famous Korean traditional Hapkido. See long-range fighting! Linear plans of attack! Flamboyant head-high and circular spinning kicks!

Director: Elliott Hong

Writer: Pat Strong and Brad von Beltz

Stars: Brad von Beltz, Bong Soo Han, Ed Parker


Action, Drama, Thriller