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Jennie Wife_Child

Drama (1968) 83 min – Black & White



 Jennie: Wife/Child tells the familiar story of a young girl saved from desperation by an older farmer who makes her his wife. The old man cannot fulfill his young bride’s desires or keep pace with her youth. What is a girl to do? Naturally, pursue the farmhand(Mario in this film). While this film offers the obligatory nudie scenes of a pretty girl bathing and ample cleavage and country sex situations, I found the film effectively shot, generally well-acted(to a degree – let’s be honest here), and scored with some highly implausible country ballads like “Tender Grass,” “My Birthday Suit,” and that old country standard “I Want Revenge, I’ll Get Revenge…Cause I’m Gonna See Them Burn.” Jack Lester as Mr. Peckinpaugh gives a forceful performance until the very end of the film when we are handed one of the hokiest, most ridiculous endings in film.

 Directors: Robert Carl Cohen (uncredited) , James Landis (uncredited)

Stars: Jack Lester, Beverly Lunsford, Jim Reader