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Martial Arts  (2005)  115 minutes ~ Color

It was a hot July 6th, 1997 in Brazil when promoter Sergio Baterelli changed the world of fighting.

With the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP being turned into a regulated “sport” in the U.S., the I.V.C. (International Vale Tudo Championships) reigned supreme as the only “No Holds Barred” and bare-knuckle fighting promotion on the planet.

For the next few years, the I.V.C. would produce the most brutal, bloody and hardest-hitting shows ever witnessed. The I.V.C. helped launch the careers of the top two fighters of today (Pride Champion VANDERLEI SILVA and the UFC Champion CHUCK “THE ICEMAN” LIDDELL).

Uncut, unedited and newly restored digital video off the Brazilian TV masters. Elbows, headbutts, knees, head kicks and everything that made the I.V.C. legendary are brought to life on DVD for the first time.

Alternate Fight: Edigio Costa -vs- Lucio Carvalho

Tournament: Gary Goodridge -vs- Augusto Santos Cal Worsham -vs- Aluisio Neto Brian Keck -vs- The Pedro John Napp -vs- Andre Cardoso

Superfight: Dan Severn -vs- Ebenezer Fontes Braga