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Crime / Drama (2004) 63 minutes ~ Color

The story tracks four rookie crooks in a robbery gone bad. Idleheist’s campy, film noir stylization of crime is meant to parody media and reality TV. Josh explains “I wanted to make a film about the people who try to outrun the helicopter, or the guy who robs a store and leaves his wallet on the counter. These guys think they have this insanely easy plan but when it starts to disintegrate what’s left is the distorted, paranoid reality of their situation. Finally you have to ask how long will you hang on to illusion before you force yourself to face the truth?” There won’t be any “relaxing” for these guys. . .no such thing as an “Idleheist.”

Director: Joshua M. Dragotta

Writer: Joshua M. Dragotta

Stars: Guy Castonguay, Dan Davis, Chris Kemler


Drama, Thriller