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Drama / Instructional  (2006)  30 minutes ~ Color

Grandma’s House is designed to give caregivers, grandparents and parents appropriate activities for a 3-12 month old baby. This 30 min. DVD emphasizes the importance of giving a baby many opportunities for direct contact with people, places and things.

Sally Skelding brings more then 40+ years of experience educating and caring for young children. She covers important topics such as: Saying “Hello”, Floor Time, Safe Interactive Toys, Music Time, Interaction with Pets, Exercise Activities, Reading, Going Outside, Bath Time, Changing Time, Rocking & Nap Time, Crib Safety, Car Seat Safety, Family Pool Safety, Diaper Bag Basics and much more. Whether you’re a first-time parent, a grandparent or caregiver you will find this DVD informative and helpful in coming up with your own ideas and activities that are safe and fun for both you and the baby.

Stars:  Sally Skelding


Drama, Instructional