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Comedy / Musical  (1983)  89 minutes ~ Color

Emerald Cities, completing the trilogy, is a story about a young woman who runs off from her Death Valley home to seek her fortune. Her drunken dad still stuck in his Santa suit from the local Christmas pagent, follows and soon comes in contact with the “new dark ages” of 1984. Juxtapositions of “on-the street” interviews (by Willie Boy Walker), punk performances by bands Flipper and The Mutants, TV shows of past-life hypnotism and nuclear destruction, and a crazed ex-con all finally intermix with the characters’ own sagas.

Director: Rick Schmidt

Writers: Ted Falconi (additional writing), Ed Nylund (additional writing), Dick Richardson (writer), Rick Schmidt (writer), John Vargo (additional writing), Willie Boy Walker (additional writing)

Stars: Kelly Bowen, Liam Cutchins, Lowell Darling


Comedy, Musical