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Comedy / Horror / Thriller  (1995)  85 minutes ~ Color

A trio of desperate men are forced to participate in a nightmarish game of blackjack for their souls. The circumstances behind how these fellows wound up in purgatory are revealed in three individual segments: Two vicious hoodlums break into the basement dwelling of an old hermit who isn’t nearly as harmless as he appears to be; an unscrupulous entertainment lawyer gets more than he bargained for when he decides to steal several songs from a deceased blues singer; and a young ex-con agrees to help a scuzzy drug dealer rob a pharmaceutical lab in order to save his girlfriend from the clutches of said dope pusher.

Directors:  Tom Alexander, Wynn Winberg

Writers:  Tom Alexander, Wynn Winberg

Stars:  Jeff English, Kevin Walker, Deborah Nunez


Comedy, Horror, Thriller