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Family (1965) 60 minutes ~ Black & White

Alternate Title: The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood or Oh Wolf, Poor Wolf


Screen legend Liza Minelli is Red Riding Hood in this reimagining of the classic tale of Red Riding Hood. Featuring a fantastic score, a great cast, and colorful musical numbers, this is a film that anyone can enjoy.

Told from the perspective of the Big Bad Wolf (Cyril Ritchard), The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood flips the story on its head by saying that, perhaps the Woodsman (Vic Damone) was incorrect in assuming the Wolf attacked the girl. Of course, none of the other animals believes the Wolf either.

Fun and interesting, this film has something for everyone

Director: Sid Smith

Writer: Robert Emmett

Stars: Liza Minnelli, Cyril Ritchard and Vic Damone