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Drama / Thriller (1948) 76 minutes ~ Black & White


Filmed entirely on location in New York, Close-Up affords a rare starring role for character actor Alan Baxter. While on assignment, newsreel photographer Phil Sparr (Baxter) happens to film a passerby named Beaumont (Richard Kollmar). Suddenly, everyone is interested in what Sparr has captured on film, none more so than girl reporter Peggy (Virginia Gilmore). It turns out that both Beaumont and Peggy are members of a secret neo-Nazi organization, headed by the very mean-spirited Mr. Gibbons (Philip Huston). Taking advantage of his newfound “hero” status (he was usually the bad guy), Alan Baxter shows off his athletic prowess in a pulse-pounding climactic chase involving two speeding ferryboats.

Director: Jack Donohue

Writers: John Bright (screenplay), Jack Donohue (additional dialogue), James Poe (story), Martin Rackin (adaptation), Max Wilk (screenplay)

Stars: Sergio Rossi, Gualtiero Jacopetti, Julius Nyerere


Drama, Thriller