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Drama (1942) 95 minutes ~ Black & White


In November 1941, American news photographer Johnny ‘Bugsy’ Williams manages to escape from the Japanese and finds himself back in Burma where he meets the beautiful Miss Haoli Young. Johnny is also a flyer and his friend Shorty McGuire is after him to join the Flying Tigers. He could make a small fortune filming the Burma Road but puts off the opportunity to be with Haoli, but she leaves unexpectedly for Kunming where her father runs a school. He has a price on his head and spies working for the Japanese are ready to nab him. When he hears that the Japanese are going to wipe out Kunming, he sets off to rescue Haoli.

Director: Henry Hathaway

Writers: Ben Hecht, Darryl F. Zanuck (story)

Stars: Gene Tierney, George Montgomery, Lynn Bari