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Watch Children Of The Wild Full Movie Online Free

Watch Children Of The Wild Full Movie Online Free

Action / Drama (1938) 58 minutes ~ Black & White




Tom Turner, a naturalist, comes to the “Topa Topa” district (named for the mountain), and falls in love with widow Margaret Weston. This irks fur-trapper Pete Taylor, who has designs on Margaret himself. Pete’s partner, Joe Morton, accuses him of stealing some pelts and this angers Pete to the point where he kills Morton. Pete then uses the head of a dead wolf to bite Morton and make it appear that Silver Wolf killed Morton. Silver Wolf is immediately placed on trial and a judge rules him guilty, and orders him killed. But Goldie the Eagle swoops down, snatches little Laura Morton and deposits her on top of Topa Topa. Silver Wolf goes in pursuit, rescues the girl and then, in completely justifiable self-defense, kills Pete. Tom then uses his naturalist skills to vindicate Silver Wolf of the Morton murder, and wins the hand of Margaret in the process.

Director: Charles Hutchison, Vin Moore

Writers: Charles Diltz (story), Hilda May Young (screenplay), Arthur Hoerl

Stars: Joan Valerie, James Bush, LeRoy Mason